AH Returns to Raiding (sort-of)
Date: Friday, November 05 @ 20:17:02 CDT
Topic: Announcement

With the new expansion out and many people pushing for level 90 and progression advancement, It was not much of a surprise that raid attendance was down. Several raids were canceled due to a lack of toonpower. To help the leadership choose our future path, a poll has been posted for members to vote on where we should focus our raiding efforts. Please visit this post in the forums and cast your vote ASAP! http://www.ahraiding.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=6655 We will continue discuss the results of the poll once we have an adequate sampling of the active membership. We look forward to tackling new challenges as AH grows and adapts! Until then, enjoy the new content and get those characters to level 90!!!

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