After Hours: A Return Raiding in the New Year
Date: Saturday, January 15 @ 22:41:20 CST
Topic: Announcement

With the Holidays over and the New Year here, AH has once again returned to a more regular raiding schedule.

Due to various raiding guild conflicts, our current raid schedule includes Korafax: Pallorax, Mindshear, and Venom Lord regular and hard, as well as a return to Tower.

Now that AH has Tower 1, regular and hard, basically on farm status, and since we are back to attracting a larger raid force, we have decided to forge ahead to complete the Tower raids.

Many new faces have joined AH recently, and progressing through the Tower will be excellent practice for the raid events of the future! As we improve our skills, and players improve their gear, we will soon be able to say goodbye to the Tower and move into newer raiding content.

Until then, your continued attendance and concerted efforts to improve are of the utmost importance!

So here we come 2011! AH is back and ready to raid!

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