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AH Management Hierarchy

From most power to least:
1. Officer
2. Squad Leader / Raid Leader
3. Class Leader
4. Member
5. App
6. Guest
7. Paladin

These are the policy makers of AH. We frequently bring SLs, RLs, CLs and members to the table when discussing some policies, though some are still reserved for the Officers alone. Examples include SL promotions, recruiting strategies, and organized abduction of a certain pink hat. The current officers are:
- Aleax
- Ardnasc
- Bigstomp
- Celephane
- Elricvonclief
- Famka
- Laenyani
- Savaraine
- Wwein

Squad Leader (SL)
SLs organize their groups on raids, answer their group's questions and coordinate ideas/questions up to the RL. SLs also monitor and evaluate the performance of apps in their group. SLs are frequently involved in most policy making decisions. The current SLs are:
- Aergon
- Bradack
- Elgluth
- Endiment
- Franklaw
- Lorrien
- Razzak
- Thrombo
- Winvarenai
- Xikshaaz

Raid Leader (RLs)
RLs are essentially the same as SLs, with the additional responsibility of having to lead raids. Whether someone is flagged on the site as an SL or RL is merely a reflect on the order on which they gained their promotion, but SLs and RLs are at the same point on the chain of command. The current RLs are:
- Bigstomp
- Elricvonclief
- Savaraine
- Zacatac

Class Leader (CLs)
Class leaders have one responsibility, to help bring out the best in You. Class leaders will write posts, send tells, check your equipment and look for you in fight logs. They will speak to you to acquire info and suggestions, and to pass on criticisms and share the knowledge they have learned. They monitor apps on raids and write evals on them. Class leaders will occasionally organize class-specific activities on raids, such as an mgb para or WS chain. When needed, CLs step in as replacement SLs, and retain full SL powers and responsibilities in this position. Class leaders are generally not included in policy decisions, though they are always listened to. The current class leaders are:
Bard: Famka
Beastlord: Cerberous
Cleric: Siouxe
Druid: Puvia
Enchanter: Ybolla
Magician: Zacatac
Monk: Andromita
Necromancer: Yamakahn
Paladin: Elricvonclief
Rangers: Acoma & Tarmin
Rogues: Odnz & Rabidsquirrel
Shadow Knight: Hasseo & Aleax
Shaman: Sresa
Warrior: Elgluth
Wizard: Savarine

Is any of the information here incorrect or out of date? Please post your suggested changes here: Correcting Bad Information

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Published on: 2009-06-25 (2242 reads)

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