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Class Leaders

Class leaders were chosen on several factors. Each had to show leadership skills, had to know their character's well, had to have demonstrated communication skills, and have shown sufficient attendance. Consequently some classes don't have a current leader. Please also note that these positions will cycle periodically as attendance fluctuates, and our member roster evolves.

Current Class Leaders:
The current list of class leaders can be found here:
AH Management Hierarchy

Q. What are class leaders for?
A. Class leaders have precisely two responsibilities. Firstly they are responsible for making every raider of their class as good as they can be. This means they will be posting in the forums, sending tells, checking parses and so on. Secondly they aim to maximize the promotion prospects of all apps of their class. If you are an app, look to your class leader for guidance and suggestions, and learn from them!

Q. My class leader didn't even know ____, how come they're the leader and not me?
A. This is not a pissing contest! Your class leader will NOT know everything about your class that you will. But equally, you will not know everything that they do. We didn't nominate class leaders based on who was the best at playing their class, or who has the most DPS, or anything like that. The main factor was of communication. Class leaders gather and spread ideas that will help each of you improve. They are an invaluable resource, and it's vital you use them.

Q. When should I talk to my class leader?
A. Whenever you have a question about your class, a suggestion to make, or some class news they need to be informed of.

Is any of the information here incorrect or out of date? Please post your suggested changes here: Correcting Bad Information

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Published on: 2009-06-25 (1829 reads)

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