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Open Raid Loot Rules

Rules for Open Raids:

These are the loot rules for open raids. Open raids are chiefly designed to bring new recruits to After Hours. Due to the high number of new faces on these nights, loot is distributed equally among all the raiders.

Misc Rules:
1. All players attending must meet our minimum level requirements of level 85, but there is no AA restrictions.
2. Boxes and alts are allowed for all players. The raid leaders reserve the rights to ask you not to box depending on the event. We may also ask raiders to play their main if necessary for the success of the raid.
3. Targets will be chosen based on attendance. We will pick stuff that all people can attend, regardless of flags.
4. The SLs will manually invite guests to the ahraid channel via the command: /chat invite guest_name ahraid. Do NOT give out passwords.
5. Any disciplinary problems will be dealt with on a three strikes system. You will get two warnings then will get kicked from the raid. Repeated offenders will no longer be allowed to attend open raids with us.

The Loot process for Everyone:
1. Loot is won via rolls only. Neither Tiers nor DKP is considered.
2. Members earn DKP per target at a rate of 0.3 DKP for farmable raid kills, 0.6 DKP for second raid kills, and 1 DKP for our first win of an event.
3. Members earn Tiers at a rate of 1 per raid target.
4. When an item drops on a raid, a SL announces the the numbers to roll for the item.
5. If a raider wants the item, they /rand for it at the corpse.
6. After a pause, the SL announces 'Closing in 10', waits for 10 seconds, and then closes the item. If anyone rolled, then the SL awards it to the raider with the highest roll, breaking any tie with a second roll. If noone rolled, then the item becomes BoNuS.
7. After a raider wins an item they are then only eligible to win BoNuS loot and certain other items for the rest of the night.
8. Raiders are responsible for all their purchases. If a raider incorrectly represents their eligibilty to win an item then a disciplinary process will follow. If ever you are unsure on your eligibility then simply ask. Delaying the loot for a few moments while you check your status is infinitely better than being awarded an item someone else should have won.
9. Boxes and mains are considered the same entity and they may not both loot on the same night. 1 loot per human being (not per character).

BoNuS Loot:
1. This is the final stage an item reaches during the loot process.
2. BoNuS loots are available to Everyone without prejudice.
3. On Open Raids BoNuS loots do not cost DKP nor do they reset the member's Tier.
4. Significantly, you can win an unlimited number of BoNuS loots per night in addition to a single rolled loot.
5. BoNuS loots are rolled off via /rand with numbers of the SL's choosing.
6. Those with boxes may only roll with 1 character, regardless of how many they play.

Special Loot:
1. Occasionally loot will drop that the SLs consider to be exempt from the normal loot process, on a case-by-case basis.
2. These loots do not cost DKP, they do not cost Tiers, and do not count towards your 1 loot per night limit.
3. Such loots will either be distributed via /rand for items everyone may need, by nominating looters for raid trigger drops, or announced as Free For All (FFA).
4. If a loot is called as Free For All, anyone who wants the item is free to go loot it. Unless otherwise stated, please loot 1 of these items at a time.
5. Some loots will be on a separate roll to normal loot, but still at a one per night basis. E.g. Raiders will be allowed an epic 2.0 Globe from CoA in additional to a normal rolled loot.

Is any of the information here incorrect or out of date? Please post your suggested changes here: Correcting Bad Information

Copyright © by After Hours Raiding All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2009-06-04 (2539 reads)

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