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Just for Fun: The Tale of Goirish and Aardain -STORY
Posted on Tuesday, February 27 @ 20:43:54 UTC by admin

Goirish writes "Hi!

Let me preface this story with the reason for the trip. Apparently, a weapon known as "anklesmasher" drops rarely from a critter in the Chardok library....


Let me preface this story with the reason for the trip. Apparently, a weapon known as "anklesmasher" drops rarely from a critter in the Chardok library. Said weapon procs snare, making it a very neat solo toy to have for a paladin. Also, this story takes place before Ward of Tunare and level 75, so it was a little tougher.

The tale begins

Aardain logs in and heads to Chardok. I have long been max ally in Chardok, so I don't even need invis, but Aardain isn't as well liked. I meet him at the zone line, he begins to sneak and we are on our way. Since sneak is somewhat slow, I keep turning to check the little fella's progress. All is well until we get to the area where you jump off to go to Chardok
B. Well, autofollow doesn't seem to work overtop thin air, and Aardain took a little tumble. After using Pallytrack (hey Aardain, you near a waterfall? Yup. Woot) we began our trek anew. It seems sneak can be sneaky. It doesnt always work, and 2 critters took a liking to Aardain. Well thankfully there were no other adds and we taught them a lesson in manners and humility. Another episode of "nonsneak" and 3 more critters are bound for the Morgue of Chardok.

We finally make our way close to our destination and Aardain suddenly makes LOTS of friends. I decided my best course of action was to pretend I was an out of mana cleric and let him die. Pallycoth (corpsedrag
Aardain) was then used to get Aairdain to the locked door so he could do his magic. After a tearful goodbye, Aardain gated from Chardok for the second time, this time taking his clothes with him.

I made my way to the library area. I had learned that my quarry lived in the basement of the library. A quick look around revealed 7 Mobs in that area. At this point, I decided to start clearing the mobs one by one. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Did you know that even when you are max ally, mobs still will add? Did you know that there are 4 other mobs within agro range of the corner of the Chardok library? Did you know you can get carpal tunnel from spam-casting root? Anyway, I managed to get 2 rooted and had 3 beating on me. Thanks to Kilvas potions, my clicky DS ring and some +DS gear, I can have 75 points of damage shields up. So between occasionally hitting the Mobs and my damage
shields, I was actually winning. I had 4 dead Mobs and one losing health fast. Lay hands and most of my mana were gone but all was going well.

Now, you would think, if someone were camping a snare item to stop Mobs from running at low health, that the possiblity of Mobs running at low health would be fresh on their mind. You would think that. Wellllllllll, as my last Sarnak reached 20% health, I WASN"T thinkng that. He started up the steps, and the whole first floor of the library decided to see what all the commotion was. Somewhere in the real world, someone in my house cursed loudly. Since I was alone in the house, I wondered who it might be, but couldn't
figure it out. But I digress. Back in Chardok, a quick review of mana and Hps told me that this time fighting 5 Mobs wasnt going to go as well as the first time. I backed into a corner at about 25% health and began casting Origin. The Gods of Channeling were smiling upon me and at about 18% health I found myself at the Paladin guild in North freeport, none the worse for wear.

Goirish (not as well liked in Chardok as he thought)


Note: Goirish has graciously submitted a fun tale of non-fiction for us to enjoy! Check out our stories section or select the "Read More..." link to check it out!

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The Tale of Goirish and Aardain

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