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Welcome to the home of After Hours, a non-guild raiding coalition.

Welcome to the home of After Hours: the non-guild raiding coalition of the bristlebane server!

We welcome raiders of every class, race and guild. To become a member of After Hours you must meet our level requirements, have certain essential class AAs and attend at least 1 raid per 6 weeks as an applicant, or at least 1 raid per 6 months as a member at a bare minimum. The 'app period' typically lasts 2-6 weeks depending on your attendance and performance. All requirements including class specific AA's can be found HERE

For those applicants transferring to the bristlebane server, please wait to register an account until after the server merge. Our website will automatically reject any applicant name that cannot be located on the bristlebane server via EQplayers.

After Hours raids Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat at 8pm PST / 9pm MST / 10pm CST / 11pm EST. Each night has a different theme to keep you entertained and provide something for everyone. Our loot distribution is a combination of a traditional DKP system and a tier-based total loss system. Effectively you earn DKP for attending raids, purchase loot with your DKP, but loot is prioritized toward those who have looted least recently. It is a very fast and fair system we hold with great pride.

After Hours has come a long way from our first days in Bastion of Thunder way back in 2004. Everyone has worked hard together to accomplish what we have. Everyone's desire to excel along with the efforts of old and new blood is continuing to allow us to experience more and more of the Everquest world. We have seen many new faces since our inception and it has been a great experience.

After Hours has fully completed PoP, OoW, and DoN and some of MMM. As of Janurary 2010 we are working our way through progression raids for the SoD expansion, and hope to move into the Tower raids by summer of 2010.

Current AH Members and visitors please check out the After Hours Info page and FAQ pages linked on the left-hand side of this page. We have updated the required AAs and listed some recommended ones for those that don't know what to get next. Information on how to raid with us and other things are located there too as well as throughout our forms.

If you have questions about After Hours, you can PM any of our officers, or send a tell in game to any of our members.

--The After Hours Team

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 Moving through Underfoot

 Posted by Aleax on Thursday, April 28 @ 10:05:08 UTC (5027 reads)

Bigstomp writes "Fippy is on farm, Beast keeps giving up his goodies. And while unburrowing continues to elude us thus far the badgers, badgers, badgers, snake, snake, snakes have fallen and will continue to feed us. "


 (Read More... | Score: 5)

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 When will the Beast fall?

 Posted by Aleax on Sunday, February 20 @ 00:52:20 UTC (4838 reads)

Savaraine writes "With 2 weeks of successfully beating Fippy Darkpaw, AH has the Beast in our sights! Will tonight be the night to bring him down? Will his mate rescue him again? We shall see!!! "

Raid Win!

 (Read More... | Score: 5)

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 After Hours: A Return Raiding in the New Year

 Posted by aleax on Saturday, January 15 @ 22:41:20 UTC (4774 reads)

Savaraine writes "With the Holidays over and the New Year here, AH has once again returned to a more regular raiding schedule.

Due to various raiding guild conflicts, our current raid schedule includes Korafax: Pallorax, Mindshear, and Venom Lord regular and hard, as well as a return to Tower.

Now that AH has Tower 1, regular and hard, basically on farm status, and since we are back to attracting a larger raid force, we have decided to forge ahead to complete the Tower raids.

Many new faces have joined AH recently, and progressing through the Tower will be excellent practice for the raid events of the future! As we improve our skills, and players improve their gear, we will soon be able to say goodbye to the Tower and move into newer raiding content.

Until then, your continued attendance and concerted efforts to improve are of the utmost importance!

So here we come 2011! AH is back and ready to raid! "


 (Read More... | Score: 5)

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 AH Returns to Raiding (sort-of)

 Posted by Aleax on Friday, November 05 @ 19:17:02 UTC (5970 reads)

Savaraine writes "With the new expansion out and many people pushing for level 90 and progression advancement, It was not much of a surprise that raid attendance was down. Several raids were canceled due to a lack of toonpower. To help the leadership choose our future path, a poll has been posted for members to vote on where we should focus our raiding efforts. Please visit this post in the forums and cast your vote ASAP! We will continue discuss the results of the poll once we have an adequate sampling of the active membership. We look forward to tackling new challenges as AH grows and adapts! Until then, enjoy the new content and get those characters to level 90!!!"


 (Read More... | Score: 5)

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 AH takes a 2 week break for new expansion exploration!

 Posted by Aleax on Tuesday, October 12 @ 15:50:58 UTC (5570 reads)

savaraine writes "AH raids will be on hold for the next 2 weeks to allow members to explore the new expansion, House of Thule! We will make an announcement to let everyone know when raids will resume. In the meantime, good luck and have fun with the new expansion. Oh, and don't forget to share - post your individual experiences on the forums, discuss your thoughts on HoT, or get an AH group together to take on some new challenges. And, as always, check back often for updates... see you when the servers stop crashing! =P"


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