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After Hours Raiding: Raid Win!

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 When will the Beast fall?

 Posted by Aleax on Sunday, February 20 @ 00:52:20 UTC (4737 reads)

Savaraine writes "With 2 weeks of successfully beating Fippy Darkpaw, AH has the Beast in our sights! Will tonight be the night to bring him down? Will his mate rescue him again? We shall see!!! "

Raid Win!

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 Raid Wins!: AH takes down second Tower event first try!

 Posted by Aleax on Sunday, September 12 @ 14:53:14 UTC (1601 reads)

Afterhours had an incredible evening last night after first defeating Mindblight and then clearing to and Defeating the Trophies event on the first attempt. Great Job AH'rs!!

Raid Win!

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 Lookout Tower! here comes AH!

 Posted by aleax on Saturday, July 31 @ 16:29:30 UTC (1776 reads)

savaraine writes "Congratulations AH with our first Tower victory! With Tower event 1 now in the win column for AH, and a decent attempt on Tower event 2, all that needs to be said is: Lookout Tower! Here comes AH!!! We even got a nice group photo after the exciting fight!


Raid Win!

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 First Tower Win!

 Posted by aleax on Saturday, July 31 @ 16:29:12 UTC (1648 reads)

zacatac writes "After a couple trial runs at it, the first event in Tower of Discord has been defeated. On to the next one! "

Raid Win!

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New Page 2
 Second Mindshear victory

 Posted by Aleax on Tuesday, July 13 @ 11:02:24 UTC (1467 reads)

Savaraine writes "So, after weeks of honing the strats and coming up short, we FINALLY were able to beat the mindshear event again. This victory flagged an additional group of AHers for the Tower. Congrats AH for another well deserved victory!"

Raid Win!

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