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Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

Many of these rules already exist and have been in force for some time, while others are new. Regardless, please read them in full and be sure you understand them.

1. No talking about targets in say, shout, ooc, afterhours or anywhere else. The only place to discuss targets is in group or ahraid. There are two reasons for this. Firstly it stops info from leaking out to other organizations, and secondly it stops channel lurkers from only raiding targets they personally need.

2. All apps are responsible for checking to see what the required AAs are for their class.

3. If you are not an SL please do NOT demand group leadership. If the SL is lacking important group leader AAs then ask for them to pass leadership, but then promptly pass it back after the encounter. Squad leaders have many responsibilities during the raid, and need to be easily identified by apps. Having SLs as group leaders helps apps identify them easily, and is also used in other raid management tasks.

4. You must bring the following to every raid: some form of shrink, levi, invis, and gate. It doesn't matter if these are AAs, spells, clickies or potions. While not compulsory, we thoroughly recommend you bring HoT potions, as well as crack, SE, and haste potions. HoT potions in particular will often save your life on mana intensive fights.

5. Pets must always be shrunk and on hold at all times. An uncontroled pet can kill a raid.

6. Please /autojoin the afterhours channel only. When attending a raid, be sure to /join ahraid and any other required class channels. Please do not join ahraid unless you are raiding - lurkers will not be tolerated. We use this channel as a way to judge how many are otw. The raid channel, ahraid, and class channels must always be in windows without spam and you must monitor them closely.

7. If you are missing any buffs at any time PST to the appropriate class - do not ask for buffs in the channel. Simply use the raid window to find a member of the class you require a buff from and send them a tell directly.

8. Apps are automatically removed after 6 weeks of inactivity, members after 6 months of non-attendance, and a member's tier is reset after missing 40 raid targets. The more we see you the better simply because it keeps you fresh, and as it allows us to better plan for each target.

9. Do not send tells to the raid leader unless absolutely necessary. Before sending the RL a tell, ask yourself if that question could be answered by your SL, in the ahraid channel, or by another of the same class as the RL.

10. If you are NOT an SL please DO NOT speak in rsay without permission. Exceptions to this rule include when you're casting an MGB, if you're casting WTD, if you have rampage, if you find yourself MTing, and any emergency moment such as the mezzer dying, or if the MT is afk as the countdown is called, etc.

11. When you are casting an MGB please announce in rsay BEFORE you cast. This gives raiders the time to drop any blocking buffs, and prevents duplicates.

12. Do NOT open loot on the main mobs unless you are looting a drop you have just won. Any FFA loots cannot be looted until all of the regular loots have been auctioned and looted. Do not loot trash at all unless something has been annouced FFA, or unless an SL or RL has granted you permission to do so. By default, only the SLs are allowed to loot, to prevent looting accidents.

13. Feel free to use a familar but you must click the 'leave' button in it's pet window (or the command: /pet leave) and repeat this every time you zone. This dismisses the pet without you losing the benefit of the buff. Please do not use chaotic jester on raids, and save your steadfast servants for difficult targets as necessary.

14. If you leave the raid for the night please remember to disband from raid and all tasks before logging out, or else you will stay in raid/task offline and mess with max numbers.

15. If you need to take an AFK, make sure you announce it in group and be sure your SL has seen it. Stealth AFKs slow down the raid and can often cause wipes.

16. You must not bid on an item that you cannot use, and you must not misrepresent your dkp or tier. If unsure of your tier/dkp, send a tell to the SL that you need a moment to window out to check it. Please also look at loot requirements carefully before you send a tell/roll to be sure you are the correct class/race/deity to use the item. Repeated failure will result in DKP fines.

AH operates a 3 strike policy for violating the above rules. These are:

Step 1: Verbal Warnings
If you make a small mistake, we will simply inform you to give you the chance to learn from error, and prevent it from happening again.

Step 2: Removal from the raid
After receiving repeated warnings about your actions, you will be issued your final warning. If your actions are not immediately corrected, we will arrange for your removal from the raid.

Step 3: Removal from the raid and After Hours
On the next raid that you join us, if your actions have still not improved and you are unwilling to cooperate, we will again arrange for your removal from the raid, and will cnsider removing you from After Hours completely. At this point your dkp and tiers are removed and your account with us will be deleted. We very rarely reach this stage, but this rule has be issued in the past.

Thank you!

Is any of the information here incorrect or out of date? Please post your suggested changes here: Correcting Bad Information

Copyright © by After Hours Raiding All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2009-06-04 (2639 reads)

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